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Clay, water, one or two transits through fire, breath and fingers, here is the ocarina.
In the second half of the 19th century it spread through Europe starting from Italy (Budrio). The ocarina’s ease of play and the warmth of its sound have quickly made it a popular instrument.
If you want to know more about the history of the ocarina you can read this article from Trad Mag.

I make a wide range of ocarinas, starting from simple ocarinabirds of one octave, to ocarinabirds with three voices with bourdon, via transverse Italian style ocarinas, simple or multi chamber,and pebbles ocarinas with English 4 holes fingering:
Handcrafted in every way, each ocarina is treated meticulously from the stamping, the shaping and the tuning up to the glazing. Forms and colours evolve in the course of the firings.

Two passions: music and pottery

The training as a classical flute player (1st price of flute at the conservatory of Toulouse) allows me to have the feeling of what makes up a balanced and well playable instrument.
Coming from a family of potters, I am familiar with manifold techniques applied in this universe. I founded my workshop in 1987.

Delivery is about 2 weeks for simple ocarinas, less when in stock.
I can not make exactly the same glaze, every ocarina is unique.